Shocking! The one thing celebrities will Choose over Diamonds revealed!

The glamorous and lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous seem to revolve around diamonds and bling, both on and off the red carpet.

Many have become brand ambassadors of the latest trends in the fashion and jewellery industry.

  Sometimes, these celebrities are loaned pieces for important events from well-known jewellers, however, it may surprise people to find out that most celebrities own and wear cubic zirconia jewellery on a regular basis.

So, at this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “If celebrities can afford expensive jewels, why do they wear the faux version over the real-deal?”  And, more importantly, if they look so convincing, is high-end cubic zirconia the next big trend?

Many of Hollywood’s elite choose to wear cubic zirconia jewellery, whether it is while traveling or during day-to-day activities around town, simply to avoid exposing their precious gems to potential wear and tear, and to prevent loss or theft.  Many top celebs will have exquisite replicas of their jewellery created in order to preserve the look, but also relieve the stress of wearing hundreds of thousands or even millions on their fingers everyday. Knowing that designer ring settings can easily be duplicated and set with cubic zirconia diamonds, many women opt for a faux-gems in designer settings to get the look without the expensive price tag and added risks.


Simulated Diamonds and Celebrities in the News

it is no wonder Cubic Zirconia Jewelries are gaining popularity with Celebrities, especially following an incident involving a well-known celebrity being Robbed Million-dollars’ worth of Jewelry at gunpoint.

 Many celebrities have discussed their preference for swapping out their cubic zirconia jewellery during the day with their real diamonds at night and for special events. With no visual difference, these celebrities have started a trend that has been growing in popularity.

With the incredible advances in technology, cubic zirconia diamonds and gems are a beautiful reality for celebrities and mainstream women alike. Excellent savings, high quality settings and the option to get a bigger stone than previously considered make cubic zirconia diamonds a fantastic option for any woman looking for a deal and fashion statement in one!

Now it’s your turn,  See if you can tell which rock below is cubic zirconia, and which is real?  The answer is at the end of the article.

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