Girl’s New Best Friends ! Here Is Your Guide To Pocket Friendly Diamonds.

Diamonds are a dream for every woman out there irrespective of the age and region. While everyone of you is well aware that as shiny and precious diamonds are they are not at all friendly for the pocket. Sometimes owning your favourite piece of diamond jewellery can take away all your life savings, so for all you ladies here presenting you the two biggest competitors of the precious diamonds that are much more affordable yet as shiny and gorgeous as any real diamonds you will ever come across.

Synthetic diamonds are also known as cultivated diamonds as they are manufactured under control processes and conditions. These diamonds are produced within weeks in contrast to natural occurring diamonds that take hundreds and thousands of years for formation. As diamonds are a woman’s best friend synthetic diamond have been gaining demand in the recent years. In spite of being produces in the lab it is hard to make out any difference between the real and the synthetic diamonds because they possess high quality high quality and purity. Synthetic diamonds are cheaper as compared to the real ones. One of the major benefits of these diamonds is that they provide you colour an option which is a very rare case when it comes to the natural form of diamonds. Synthetic diamonds makes the dream of every female to own a diamond real at their own customized choices with a pocket friendly price true.




It’s now time to introduce you to another major competitor of diamond, ‘Cubic zirconia’ shortly known as CZ is the cubic crystalline type of zirconium dioxide. The Cubic zirconia is hard, low in cost and colourless. Real diamonds and cubic zirconia share the same colour characteristics as real diamonds are colourless and transparent most of the times. These crystals have been ruling the market since 1976. It is very difficult to find any difference between the both the natural and man-made forms of precious stone.

As now you are aware about the two biggest alternatives to diamond lets guide you towards what should you be shopping this year when it comes to jewellery

It will not be wrong to say that heavy and statement accessories are making a comeback to the market as well as the runways you will spot numerous celebrities wearing a pair of statement earrings, a beautiful bold rings or even a pretty studded choker.

Rings– rings have never been out of fashion, they make you hand looks pretty without being any discomforting. The trends though keep changing and you would have noticed that after some time there are new designs and patterns available. There are stone studded rings that have never left the market and are potential enough not to do so. So if you are looking forward to buy a piece of jewellery that is classy, elegant and will stay trendy for a long time go for a ring. Rings are precious so take your decision wisely, as one of the major reason rings do not go old is that they are a symbol of love and love never goes out of fashion so be careful when buying your proposal or marriage ring as it will stay with the bride forever!

Earrings– you can also refer to it as a statement pair of earrings as they have been dominating the market since a long time now. Every celebrity and fashion bloggers have been seen slaying a bold and bigger piece of earrings, as they not only will help you stand out of the crowd but also diminishes the need t wear any other necklaces. One of the trendiest look at present involve wearing a bold pair of earrings with your hairs pulled back into a bun and a large ring in your hand that is all you need to look party ready and slay ready.

Bracelets– bracelets are always underrated but you can deny that it is one of the most elegant pieces of jewellery that has ever existed. It is also a way to express your own way of style. A bracelet with charms represents the chic style of fashion while a studded band bracelet depicts the classy and neat style of fashion. In case you are looking for something that is light yet eye catching buying and wearing a bracelet can be the most suitable choice. While there are several types of bracelet available do not forget to figure out which one will suit your personality the most and shop accordingly.

Necklaces and chokers- these two would have surely grabbed your attention recently right? They are nearly every wear, every age women is rocking a pair of necklace or choker these days, and with off shoulders and plunging neckline outfit that are trending in the textile industry you have to agree that chokers and necklaces are the best choice to compliment your outfit perfectly. Chains with tiny pendants of crystal, heart shaped crystal and even tiny butterflies have become the favourite accessory of girls worldwide that they nearly pair that with



everything. So if you are looking forward to own a fun and trendy accessory necklaces can be your best choice.Gifting– buying a gift for females is always a very difficult task it does not matter how long you have known her. If you are going through the difficulty of buying a gift this can be your destination. In case of any confusion jewellery becomes the most preferred option. If you have just started dating gift her bracelet. Want to gift your mother, earrings can never be the wrong choice, gifting your sister can become easy with a simple elegant necklace and if you are in love you know what to buy ‘a ring’ obviously! As diamonds can be very expensive and most of the times out of budget hope coming here would have solved your problem, why to spend so much money when you can gift her or even buy for yourself equally durable and equally gorgeous synthetic diamond or cubic zirconia choice is yours as they will both  stand true on your expectations.

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